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Pacific Coast School

5 days 3 hours ago

PCS Notice:
Mr. Janz is away today. Ms. Wells will be acting principal for the day. Have a great day PCS.

Pacific Coast School

6 days 20 hours ago

PCS Notice:
January 24,2020 there is school for both CHSS and PCS this is not a Pro-D Day it is a regular school day

Pacific Coast School

1 week 20 hours ago

Please read the following communication from the School District's Director of Operations about copper in the school district's water supply:

Good afternoon,

Due to the new standard for copper content in drinking water issued by Health Canada, as a precaution, Northern Health has asked SD52 to provide bottled water until they can confirm the test results from our recent water test.

Our maintenance crew will be by this afternoon to shut off water fountains and post the notice. Water deliveries with pump handles will begin as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

James Warburton
Director of Operations

Pacific Coast School

Pacific Coast School

1 week 20 hours ago

District Newsletter

Pacific Coast School

1 week 1 day ago

Students have been learning about radiation and got to see alpha particles flying out through a radiation detection chamber that Mr. Pinkhasik constructed with students help. Kato Jamerson is the featured student in the video and explains what’s going on. Thanks Kato!

Pacific Coast School

1 week 2 days ago

~*~ Week 19 of 39 – Jan. to 20th to Jan. 24th ~*~

Ndaayu wila waalsm?

The weather is warming up for the time being but with the warmth comes the rain. At least we were not buried in a blizzard like St. John's Newfoundland or even heavy snow fall which Hartley Bay has received. We hope the warmer weather brings our more students as it looked like the cold kept some students away last week.

There is NO Pro-D for PCS or CHSS this week. That is only for the Elementary and Middle Schools. We have classes all week. PCS and CHSS's Pro-Ds will be Feb. 13th and 14th.

~ Ski Trip Prep ~

We will be prepping for the ski/snowboard TREC this week. If you are planning on coming you must get your height, weight and Shames Waiver forms signed by Friday. Anyone who does not have this by Friday will no be attending next week.

~ Lead in Water ~

Lead in the water has been in the news again, particularly within relation to schools in the Kootenays (www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/drinking-water-lead-levels-above-acceptable-limit-at-8-kootenay-lake-schools-1.5430865).

PCS provides bottled water to all students and staff. Students and staff should NOT drink from any faucet in the school as it has unacceptable levels of lead in the water. For students in other schools please contact the school office for what is acceptable at each school. Here is a message from School District 52 School Board:

"The allowable limit for lead in water has been cut in half. Following a number of tests, the district has confirmed that flushing of water lines is not effective to reduce the amount of lead in water to this new limit at most sinks in schools and other district buildings. All staff and students are advised to use the filtered water fountains for all safe drinking water. The district is consulting with the Northern Health Authority on the steps to be taken to meet this new requirement."

It should also be noted that most old buildings in Rupert built before the 90s, and any fixture (faucet/tap) 2014 or older, could be leaching lead into the water. The primary issue is our coastal water supply is acidic which tends to take the lead out of piping or fixtures. Lead itself builds up in the body and you cannot get rid of it; additionally, lead has been known to cause many bad health effects. If you are worried about lead in your home water you can get your water tested by picking up a kit at Northern Health. (globalnews.ca/news/6301590/whistler-safe-water-lead/)

We are looking forward to the new water treatment plant in Rupert which could significantly reduce lead and other undesirable aspects in our municipal water. Metro Vancouver's $300 million water treatment plant is a great example of this. Tap water in Vancouver is some of the best in the world and much of the bottled water you buy is actually from municipal tap water. While Rupert's tap water currently has issues, our community should strive to have the best tap water in the world as we are also home to the freshest rain in the world. In your home you can run the water until it gets cold and that should reduce the presence of lead below Health Canada guidelines. For more information check out:


~ Media Visual Arts ~

Please come talk to Mr. Janz. After much thought Mr. Janz has organised a Moodle course which will be the focus of this course as it has been challenging to get a consistent class time due to either a lack of participants at the time or Mr. Janz is busy with administrative tasks.

~ Important Dates ~
β€’ Jan. 22nd Wednesday - Collaboration & early dismissal

~ Work Experience ~
Ms. Enns will be here
β€’ Monday @ 10:30
β€’ Wednesday @ 12:20

~ TREC Day ~
Next TREC is January 31st to Shames Mountain. Our first ski TREC of the year.

Pacific Coast School

1 week 5 days ago

PCS student will have the opportunity to go Ice Skating @ 1:30 today.

Pacific Coast School

1 week 5 days ago

PCS Youth Elder Committee: There will be a meeting tomorrow @ 10:15. Participating students will get Gift Cards.

Pacific Coast School

1 week 5 days ago

PCS Notice: CHSS and PCS are NOT on Pro-D for next Friday. There will be class Friday, Jan. 24th for PCS & CHSS.

Pacific Coast School

1 week 6 days ago

GRAD meeting @ 12:20 today. Looking forward to seeing the Grads.