PCS COVID-19 Update – March 23rd, 2020

PCS School Update:
Please be aware that schools are NOT closed and out-of-school instruction is scheduled to begin next week. This instruction is likely to begin Wednesday or Thursday of next week to allow teachers and staff time to prepare for instruction.
The school district will be doing a “Needs Assessment” to understand how we can support our students and their education during this time. Please expect your families to be contacted early next week by a PCS staff member. Additionally there will be a survey sent out to all SD52 Families.
Stay Safe and Healthy.
Practice Social Distancing.
Enjoy the rest of your Spring Break in ways that promote the health and welfare of our communities.
If you have any questions regarding COVID-19, or think you might be infected, please refer to the BCCDC site: https://www.bccdc.ca/health-info/diseases-conditions/covid-19
Use the self assessment tool: https://bc.thrive.health
or call 1-888-268-4319 or 811.
If you or a family member is having trouble breathing while doing normal activity and/or has a sever fever call 911.

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