Monday Morning, April 11th, 2023

~ Careers & Monday Morning Assignments ~

PCS has been following the progress of the Artemis missions to the moon. This is a NASA led, but internationally supported, mission to not just go to the moon but to actually colonize the moon within this decade. Artemis 2 mission will be taking off in Nov. 2024 and just last week it was announced that a Canadian, Jeremy Hansen, will be the first Canadian, and first non-American, to go into both deep space and too the moon.

~*~*~ Questions ~*~*~

1. What are some of the history making moments in the Artemis 2 missions?

2. What is the Canadian’s name that is going on this mission?

3. Why go to the moon? What is important about taking on this project?

4. How will the astronauts be going to the moon?

5. Should Canada be putting money and resources into this mission? What is the benefit to Canada, if any, and could this money and time be spent better on other things? Explain.

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