Monday Morning, April 24th

~ Careers & Monday Morning Assignments ~

Volkswagen wilt be building a battery manufacturing plan worth billions of dollars. It’s only costing the tax payers $8-13 billion. Having the federal government give money to a multi­billion dollar company has come with some criticism. The Canadian Tax Payers Association argues that this is a waste of tax payer money and it would be better spent putting money back in the pockets of Canadian’s through tax cuts or incentives. The supportive camp like the Automotive Parts Manufactures’ Association, argue that $13 billion is a drop in the bucket to the economic benefits which amount to about 2,500 jobs at the plant and about 8,500 jobs in total with “spin off jobs”. They also argue that this plant will provide the Canadian economy with 100s of billions in benefits.

~*~*~ Questions ~*~*~

  1. What is Volkswagen doing in Canada?
  2. How is the government involved in bringing the Volkswagen plant to Canada?
  3. What kind of jobs wilt be created with the new plant?
  4. How will BC get benefits from this battery plant?
  5. Do you think the government should be giving billions to corporations so they will build factories and create jobs in Canada? Explain.

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