May 8th – Careers & Monday Morning Assignments

~ Careers & Monday Morning Assignments ~

Recently we looked at ChatGPT and Doll•E. These are new “Generative AI” models which respond in human like ways or develop creative original content. Since then there have been many prominent technologists and engineers who are warning about where AI could be going. Recently the Writer’s Guild of America, which is a union of writers, many of whom write the shows you know and love, went on strike to protest the use of AI and the potential loss of jobs. Now a British-Canadian, and “Godfather of AI”, just quite Google to warn about the dangers of AI. Will AI make the live of humanity better or will it inevitably work to destroy it?

~*~*~ Questions ~*~*~

  1. Geoffrey says that AI presents humanity with an “existential problem”. What does “existential problem” mean?
  2. Why does Geoffrey think the “existential problem” of AI can bring about coordination between enemies?
  3. Why will AI continue to be developed despite the dangers of it?
  4. In what ways do you think AI could eliminate humanity?
  5. In what ways do you think AI could make our lives all better?

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