About Our School

Pacific Coast School is part of School District 52 in Prince Rupert, British Columbia.  The school serves students in Grades 9 through 12.  Each student at Pacific Coast School has a Personal Education Plan (PEP) that is designed to meet their individual learning needs.  The school balances the social emotional needs of the student with their academic needs by providing some face to face classes in concert with online learning.

Once a month on Fridays the students are invited to participate in our TREC² program.  TREC² stands for Teamwork, Respect, Environment, Culture and Community.  This program gets us out into the environment and blends the learning outcomes of Physical Education, with learning outcomes from Science, Math and Social Studies.

The school currently has 100 students registered and other students waiting to be admitted.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I still play sports for Charles Hays Secondary School?

Yes! We share our counsellor, Ms. Wick, with CHSS which makes coordinating with CHSS easy; however, you will need to consult with Ms. Wick about how to organize joining a sports team.

Do I have to pay to attend this school?

We do not have tuition fees because we are part of the public school system and School District 52. We do have a $50.00 textbook and technology fee which is returned to students upon request at graduation.

Can I still graduate from Pacific Coast School?

Yes! Pacific Coast School is fully credited to offer graduation. We have a dinner and ceremoney to honour all our Graduates. If you are only taking one or two courses with us and are still attending CHSS, you are still able to graduate at CHSS. All PCS students can also attend CHSS’s prom, if they so choose and pay the applicable fees.

Can I come and just take one course and still remain at Charles Hays Secondary School?

Yes! Our schedule is flexible and the timetable mirrors CHSS. This will allow you to take one or two courses while still attending CHSS. Some students will utilize this if they are looking to upgrade a course or two for graduation.