PCS During COVID-19

Pacific Coast School will be open up for full time instruction beginning in September. 

PCS School Year 2020/2021 is here!

We are very excited to be welcoming students back for the 2020/2021 school year. Please keep checking up on our FB Page and website for updates amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

* Returning PCS Students *

Daily Health Check Thursday, Sept. 10th:
ø ALL Students attend from 10:00am to 12:00 noon for orientation.

* Students Who Need to Enrol *
If you are not currently enrolled, or were withdrawn at some point last year (you would have received a “withdraw letter”), you can start submitting applications the week of August 31st. You can obtain a digital copy of the registration form from here:

or you can pick up a registration form at the school the week of August 31st.

Guardian Morning Checks

It is expected that guardians of PCS students will go through the following daily morning health checklist to make sure they are healthy to come:

Daily Health Check

PCS and SD52 COVID Control Plans:

PCS School COVID Control Plan 2020-21

SD52 Restart Plan -Sept 10 Ver.6 2020 Return

Exposure Control Plan for COVID 19 – revised Sep 3 2020

Distance or Distributed Learning at PCS

PCS is currently fully open for In-Class instruction. We encourage all students to physically attend school during regular school hours; however, if a student chooses to do work from home they must talk to Mr. Janz or Ms. Bryant to organize online or home delivery service. There must be a valid reason for this request and there is no guarantee a request will be granted. The BC Ministry of Education, BC Ministry of Health and WorkSafeBC have all deemed our site a “safe” work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Online Curriculum

Course delivery through online methods will be different for each teacher. Additionally, online course delivery at this point could change with changing circumstances and feedback from PCS students and families. At this point teachers are working on the following delivery methods for their curriculum:

Mr. Pinkhasik

Ms. Stone

Ms. Rice

Mr. Janz

Pen & Paper Curriculum

If you request Pen & Paper curriculum to be delivered these deliveries will happen once a week. Packages will be put in envelopes and delivered to the family’s door. Mr. Salomon and Mr. Roy will each have designated families and will be coordinating package delivery with those families on a weekly basis. Package delivery protocol will be as follows:

  • Packages will be delivered once a week on a day coordinated with either Salomon or Roy
  • Packages being delivered will be in an envelope
  • Packages being picked up should be put back in the envelope.
  • New packages will only be delivered once the previous package is complete and ready to be sent back.
  • Best health practices will be instituted through the following:
    • Sanitisation before/after every delivery
    • Leaving package by the door, knocking on door, moving back at least 2 meters (6 feet).
    • Picking up outgoing package once door is shut.

If at any point there is either a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in your household please inform the school as we will not be exchanging or delivering until their is a confirmation that it is no longer present in your household. It is very irresponsible to withhold this information as doing so could potentially create a line of transmission throughout the PCS community. If there is a suspected or confirmed case we will still work with the family and make sure learning can continue; however, pen and paper will not be an option for the safety of our staff and community.

Zoom Video and Phone Meetings

Whether or not your family chooses Online or Pen & Paper everyone can have access to a staff member for support and learning instruction. The preferable method will be through Zoom Video but regular phone is also an option upon request. Staff members will all have a general Zoom Pop-in time where students can “pop-in” and work with a staff member. Outside those “pop-in” times students can schedule a meeting either one-on-one or in small groups with a staff member. In order to schedule a meeting you must either call the school and Margaret will schedule you or you can email the staff member directly. Below are an outline of procedures.

  • Staff will have general Pop-In Times where anyone can join and ask questions.
  • Staff will have scheduled times where students can schedule meetings
  • Scheduling can be done by calling the school and talking to Margaret or through emailing a staff member and coordinating a time.
  • General Pop-In Zoom info will be emailed out to your school district email.
Zoom Meeting Etiquette

Zoom meetings are a great way to communicate with staff members and really anyone around the world; however, there are general rules we should follow when we are in a Zoom meeting to make it an effective learning experience for everyone. Here are PCS’s Zoom Meeting Etiquette Rules:

  • Be Respectful to everyone in the meeting.
  • Do not use “filters” or other distracting video during a meeting.
  • Post “Question” or “Comment” in the chat box or “Raise Hand” in “participant” if you have a question or comment rather than just blurting that question or comment out.
  • Be dressed appropriately for the zoom meeting if you are using video.
  • Participant video is not required to participate in a Zoom meeting but staff members will have video on and might share their desktop to help with a question.
  • This is not a social video chat time like you might have on Facebook, FaceTime or SnapChat. This is a learning experience and please respect that.
  • Staff members can mute audio/video or remove a student who is not respecting the learning environment of the Zoom room.
  • Zoom meetings will be recorded by the staff member for reference purposes so please remember that any disruptive or inappropriate can be communicated to your parent or guardian very easily.

How do I connect to Zoom

Zoom has created a number of great videos on how to connect to a Zoom meeting. Connecting to a Zoom meeting requires no “account” or “sign-up”. You just need to:

  • Click on the link provided
  • Use the “Meeting ID” and “Password”
  • Use the phone number provided with the “Meeting ID” and “Password”

Here is a video by Zoom explaining some of these procedures:

For more instructional videos on Zoom you can go to:

Office 365 and District Email

PCS’s primary form of communication will be done through student’s school district email and Office365 – to logon to Office365:

  1. Go to:
  2. User: (Example
  3. Password: Same as you use to log into a computer at school

If you have forgotten your password please contact the school at 250-600-3228 and tell us the password you would like. At this point you will not be able to reset your own password. So please tell us a password you don’t mind us knowing for the time being.

For a video on how to do this check out:

Students can also easily submit assignments through Office365 by using the “share” link on any program. The video above explains all of this.