Monday Morning

Monday Morning ā€“ Nov. 21st

Humanity will be going back to the moon and it’s not just an American mission. Canada, Australia, the European Union and Japan are all providing integral systems and development for humanity’s return to the moon. The goal is no longer to just reach the moon. We have done that. The new mission directive is to create a permanent human presence on the moon by 2030 and shoot for humans on Mars before 2040. That might be a bit ambitious but a human presence on Mars by the 2040s at this point seems inevitable.

The first step in this human journey is to start with the moon. Artemis I launched last week and is in-route to the moon as we speak. This is a test flight and only has mannequins on board. The goal is to collect as much data as possible before sending humans on Artemis II. The Artemis II mission will not land on the Moon but will send humans into orbit and back. A Canadian will be on that mission and it will mark the first time in world history that a non-Americas as flown into deep space. Artemis III will be the mission which will land on the moon. It will have the first female and person of colour land on the moon.

~*~ Questions ~*~

  1. What is the Artemis I?
  2. What is the goal of the Artemis program?
  3. Why is Artemis II so exciting for Canada in specific?
  4. Who are the key international players in the Artemis program?
  5. What will be happening on Artemis III and who will be on it?
  6. With everything going on in the world: war, hunger, poverty – should we even be going to the moon?